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Who's been minding the Western Music store in Hong Kong?

by Hans Ebert

It’s always bothered me that there’s been so little international coverage of what’s happening in music in this region, let alone in Hong Kong.

The quick reply, of course, is that there’s nothing much happening out here and so there’s nothing to write about as there’s no interest in this news.

Could be as this is such a disparate region for music, something MTV discovered when they marched into this region with their army of VJs and launched a one-size-fits-all channel in Asia that tanked before one could scream, “Bismarck!”

Someone at the channel’s parent company Viacom hadn’t done their homework.

Hindi music and their respective Bollywood videos weren’t embraced by Chinese audiences and vice versa whereas musical diversity rarely, if ever, travels throughout Asia.

It’s why MTV Asia is today beamed via three different channels, one channel each for a specific audience. But that was then and MTV Asia and its competitor Channel [V] are pretty much dead brands. Moving right along...

Right now, there are a few overseas publications interested in writing about the popularity of Hong Kong’s 12 member Canto Pop boy band Mirror, and the enormous marketing efforts put behind them as they spread “happy vibes” wherever they go. And gawd knows, this sombre city today needs happiness.

Being in Hong Kong and having followed the multi dimensional, multi media and multi everything rise of Mirror, one has to wonder if this baker’s dozen has the legs to go the distance.