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Give Yourself Up To Imagination

This song, written around two years ago with Trevor Carter, was the inspiration to what was to follow... I didn’t know it at the time...

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Give Yourself Up To Imagination

What makes stories so special, especially those we write, is that there’s no telling where they come from. They just appear. They’re equal parts inspiration, imagination, mystery and magic.


It’s also something very personal - but which needs to be shared.


“Give Yourself Up To Imagination” started life as a song written two years ago. Kinda.


Actually, the story about the girl Madison started around three months ago when thinking of a world lacking in inspiration and which had led to imagination being lost in the clutter of the Lido shuffle.


This was the catalyst for everything else that followed coming together.

The idea now is something like having recorded a demo and then producing the final track.


The difference is that there are no endings. Everything created can take wings and fly off in various directions.


The story of the girl Madison can go from here to there and ping pong its way from my mind to whoever reads it and passes on the message to someone else - a positive message about the need for inspiration to light the path ahead.


Hope you come along on the journey…

                                       - Hans Ebert

In a mixed up fruit salad savoy truffle whirlpool where everyone was so busy looking for answers that the most simple ways of finding happiness seemed to have been forgotten, Eurasian exchange student Madison was trying to navigate herself back to normalcy.

Photo 12 .png

To do this, together with her cat Lego, she pressed Delete to her past present, caught the Coltrane to wherever bebop blows and found herself somewhere that wasn’t anywhere. Or maybe it was.


This is where four gypsies from a magical mystery caravan walked into her life carrying with them songs of sunshine, hope, love and peace.


These were the keys of life to help Madison unlock her locked up mind and embrace new thinking whilst visiting and being inspired by the past.


Why had it become that difficult to find one’s inner self when this is where there was music and pictures and the powers of imagination?


Where and how and when did it all become so confusing and complicated?

Photo 13 .png

Often the answers to questions appear when least expecting them.


This is what Madison discovered when that journey of discovery turned around and found her.

Photo 20.png

It was a journey that took her to something she had lost along the way.


It was a journey that told her what she had to do next.


Do you?