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Happy Wednesday Band - HWB (The Back Story)

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

During the great Jerry Lee Fireball of the mid 3000’s when Tutti became Fruitti and history was scattered all over the everywhere, five time travellers from very different worlds of space and time somehow found themselves hurtling together into The Now.

There was a quintet of loud claps of thunder, then one giant clap of Thunderstruck and Boom, Aegyo, Slap, HG and Tones were literally thrown together.

All were musicians. All were from where different music played at very different times in the times to come. And now here they were- strangers in a strange land called Planet Earth and brought together to give this world music and everything positive that music brings.

It wasn’t going to be easy, but what is? As the very wise sage Q once said during the “We Are The World” sessions, they had to “Check Their Egos At The Door”.

It didn’t matter that Slap had played with Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars and that HG was the Zapped out Mother Of Invention.

It didn’t matter that Boom was in the world’s first Rock band drummer when dinosaurs roamed the world or that Aegyo dated Han Solo while studying under Yoda and that Tones made music with everyone from Bach and Brahms to Mozart and Hendrix.

It was all about THE Now and what they could do to give the world happiness and positivity and more than a shot of rhythm and blues.

This was to happen from their new home base called Happy Valley Racecourse with its own inhabitants like the Magic Man, The Zac Attack, The Mauritian Magician, Golden 60 Boy and the Sorcerer and The Apprentice.

With a team of Earthlings around them to provide direction and who knew the difference between a diminished and augmented chord, these time travellers from what lay ahead became HWB- Happy Wednesday Band.

Their new adventures to show those making good things happen through time had begun...but always trying to bring them down was the sinister negativity of their nemesis- Toxicity.

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