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Racingbitch and the Magic Man

He’s known as the Magic Man and Hong Kong racing fans have never seen a rider like him. He’s the total package.

Born in São Paulo, he’s mercurial. He’s as dazzling to watch when riding as many of his great Brazilian country men were who conquered the world of football and brought and continues to bring samba flair to the turf. It’s something in their DNA.

Constantly mixing things up, he’s a marketing dream machine- affable, always exuding confidence and positivity, and pulling out new rabbits to his ever evolving bag of tricks.

This season came what one thought was a spur of the moment decision: to celebrate a win by throwing his whip into the waiting hands of an Assistant Trainer or Trainer. This has now stuck.

This small action has given racing fans something new to look forward to- something extra and entertaining, especially as horse racing in this lockdown world is today a Made For Television show.

Here, Joao Moreira talks about his days as a kid playing football in the streets of São Paulo, and how he applies what he learned then to what he does now as a world class rider.

How he’s constantly pushing himself to do better.

How he’s always thinking of what more he can do to keep racing fans entertained. He mentions how this time has given him time to focus on life priorities. The importance of family. Being blessed. And about giving and sharing and always learning about the world around him.

The Brazilian Magic Man is someone very very special. Athletes like him don’t come around every day. Neither do human beings.

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