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Live a little life...

by Hans Ebert


Maybe it’s just me, and I am not everybody, but I really don’t think anyone really gives a damn about anything.

The fact that so many of us appear to care about the most petty, puerile and pretentious things say much and also very little about prioritising priorities.

Right now there’s a sameness to everything, because though there are so many things flying at us from all directions, there’s nothing much that offers you any emotional attachment.

My emotional attachment comes from writing notes to myself and it all goes into The Big Book Of Hans.

There might not be a 12 Step programme there, but it’s not a two step foxtrot either.

Maybe we’re all trying to somehow validate our existence. Maybe this is why I see so many of my contemporaries turn to the past, though there’s a present and a future, and pretty much sink into what was and what can never be again.

Nothing really wrong with that, especially if there’s nothing going on for you in the here and now.

If, however, still able to function, why not get on with that crazy little thing called Life?

Listening to people, reading posts, trying to understand the language of emoji, examining and re-examining what’s out there, sure, some of us were damn fortunate to beat the odds, get to the top of the mountain and experience things that our parents never did.

Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their butt crack, especially not in what was colonial Hong Kong. That door didn’t swing both ways. One had to fight to get in and be accepted.

These are life lessons and scars that a coloured kid like me growing up in Hong Kong wears like a badge of honour.

Putting together a snapshot of my life’s journey, and which certainly hasn’t stopped, one is often reminded of those one met along the way, who they were and what they’ve become, or not become.

Karma has always played a role in those sliding door moments.

One can’t, however, save the world and neither can one help those who refuse to help themselves. They’re usually looking for more tea and sympathy. It all becomes a burdensome trip through triviality and Time Wasters Anonymous.

The big question is, What’s next?

Sure, Hong Kong isn’t what it was. Even a blind person can feel that. But what and who is what they were?

Time changes everything and that Facebook showreel keeps things in some weird time jar filled with the deja vu joo joo drops.

In the Instagram world one often finds what Cat Stevens summed up pretty accurately all those years ago on “Wild World”: How it’s “hard to get by just upon a smile”.

This is pretty much where many are today- the new version of being stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again.

Those who preach to the Hand about keeping away from negativity? They ooze it out of every pore. It’s Hollow Shallow, quite rightly.

There’s more to be said, but there’s much more to be done and with no time to waste doing something that’s eventually nothing much of anything.

Live a little. And count your blessings while at it.

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