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Kindness Matters

This new song started life as poem about how kindness matters, something the entire world needs to embrace and share with everyone they meet. Guess it’s no different in subject matter to “What The World Needs Now Is Love”. But there is.

The big difference is making kindness matter, especially in these troubled times where everyone has to deal with their own problems. Many can’t cope.

Different things and feelings inspired the song which was written together with producer Phil Turcio and vocalist Judd Field in Melbourne. The song is a baby step towards something bigger.

Other than very personal feelings about the subject, inspiring was watching the Hong Kong film “I’m Living It”.

The directorial debut of Wong Hing-fan, the film, produced last year and starring Aaron Kwok, Miriam Yeung and Cheung Tat-ming, tells the plight of Hong Kong’s homeless.

Kwok plays Bowen, a former investment broker always out to make deals happen, and who’s fallen on hard times, something he keeps hidden from his family. He is forced to live his nights with other “McRefugees” in a fast food restaurant. It’s a very well crafted film with strong performances by the entire cast. It’s a story that’s real life.

Also inspiring was understanding the selfless work for the homeless by ImpactHK and its volunteers and financial supporters.

Three accompanying videos have been produced, each edited by Kat Coetzee who’s based in Cape Town.

Kat has worked on all the videos for the recent songs produced. She knows what I have in mind and has a free hand to create whatever she thinks works best. It’s good chemistry and teamwork.

As we did for the recent “Global Citizens” project, the different edits were produced to communicate with different audiences.

The song is part of a multi-media song cycle to inspire everyone to do their part to be the best global citizens they can.

All this is really a labour of love. It’s definitely not to get “views” and “likes” on music streaming sites and online platforms.

Hopefully, by working with different partners in all areas of the media along with the creative community worldwide and all those who subscribe to the same message, this might lead to where it should lead- the heart of the matter.

This is the journey that interests me most.

Anyone who wishes to come along for the ride is more than welcome.

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