Less Monkeys and more Gorillaz...

by Hans Ebert


What musician Damon Albarn and outré

comics artist/designer Jamie Hewlett did by creating the virtual band Gorillaz was break all the rules and stop, at least some people, from making music that was vapid and formulaic.

Gorillaz showed everything that could be done when having the freedom to create and with no pressure to be “a hit” or have hits.

Knowing the need of Albarn and Hewlett to always push the envelope and break new ground, the two artists never wanted to see whatever they were creating fall into that pigeon hole of dumbed-down doo dah.

Being in London during the early days of Gorillaz coming together, anyone who visited the offices of manager Chris Morrison saw the creative process taking place. It was narcotic and rebellious- punk, but with tired cynicism taking over from anger. One couldn’t help being drawn into the global gumbo being mixed.

This was a transfusion of radical confusion that brought the Tank Girl influenced work of artist Hewlett with the music going on in the head of Albarn and gave