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Kathy Wu and her Hollywood Adventure

Having known Kathy Wu from the earliest days of those Happy Wednesday nights and when she was the host at the Beer Garden and Adrenaline, one just knew that Hong Kong might be a very special place to her, but in order to get to where she wanted to be, she had to leave this city. It’s especially small and often quite insignificant when it comes to taking one’s creative talents further.

For Kathy, it was all about going to Hollywood and being an actress. This took considerable chutzpah- to leave behind being comfortable and going out on a limb into uncharted territory. But she did it. And by constantly learning how things work, knowing about the glass ceiling and lack of opportunities for Asian talent, it’s no doubt made her wiser, stronger and independent.

Not everyone can be a Sandra Oh or a Lucy Lu. Not every Asian actor can be cast in a television series like “Heroes”.

Not many get to be a musician like A.R Rahman or a storyteller like M. Night Shyamalan.

But in a world of constant change even when thinking everything is standing still, things change for a reason.

Many of us never expected the rise and fear in America of a flim flam man.

No one saw this coronavirus coming and how it would affect our lives. But it has. When we get through it, it would have changed us and everything around us forever.

Speaking to Kathy, she’s using this time to learn and relearn and expand her horizons as a multi media creative artist.

She recently returned to Hong Kong to appear in the critically acclaimed “I’m Living It”, the film about the homeless which stars Aaron Kwok. She’s now back in Los Angeles looking at other avenues of opportunity.

It’s a constant journey of self-discovery and understanding the importance of prioritising everything around you.

For Kathy, she’s realistic enough to realise that nothing is going to just fall onto her lap. It’s about going through that learning curve and seeing what new paths lie ahead... and where they might lead.

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