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"Give Yourself Up To Imagination" songwriting results will be announced next week

Hear that? Hear all the nothingness buzzing around, but how it’s a silent buzz? That’s because there’s no buzz to anything. It’s just a dull thud. Oooof.

Remember that song from “Jesus Christ Superstar” that went, “What’s the buzz, tell me what’s-a-happenin’, what’s the buzz?”

Maybe not, but there’s no buzz these days unless you wanna call all the mass debating as whether to vax or not to vax or meet longtime friends for lunch and listen to another tedious laundry list of everything that’s brought the world to a standstill. This is when buzz becomes fuzz. And fuzzy.

I wrote about this day in a short story titled “Give Yourself Up To Imagination”. It’s how a girl named Madison walked away from all the blah blah black sheep and somehow broke through that blanket of doubt and fear too often hanging over us.

By so doing, she opens the doors to inspiration and imagination and enters a world of positivity.

With Madison having now found herself where she wants to be, she knows what she has to do next.

The story ends by asking the question, Do you?

It’s an interesting and important question as to get to the answer means fighting the demotivation felt way too often these days.

Demotivation: There’s no other word for it. It’s another invisible trigger...and they’re the most crippling.

This feeling of demotivation is something that sometimes comes knocking on my door- the feeling that trying to do anything or something different is useless because, well, what’s the point?

There’s the question as to whether anyone cares? And where’s the team or the midwife to give birth to the baby and help reignite that creative flame?

My parents used to warn me about how one is judged by the company they keep. There’s some truth in this and one learns over time and through trial and error who to avoid.

Today, it’s about keeping away from toxicity and those who exhale it. That’s just common sense. They’re easy to spot and easier to sniff out.

Where it gets difficult is when it comes to the creative process needed that leads to the creative product.

What’s needed to reach this point is to work with those whom you trust because of their talent, judgement, experience and ability to deliver.

It’s always about time-proven teamwork and not the hand-holding. Hold too many hands for too long and apart from getting callouses, like the way that the dish ran away with the spoon, ideas either get robbed or get lost in the furious shovelling of bulls*it to cover the gaping big holes of hot air.

Ideas are priceless. Not everyone has them and which is why these need to be guarded. Very often they’re an extension of yourself and who and where you want to be and with whom.

As for the new pandemic of demotivation that’s been opened like Pandora’s Box and the bad genie allowed to escape, one only has to look at the online “Daily Bugle”.

There, one sees the usual storm trooper generals and Dad’s Army stomping through their same old “vaxxing” subjects and believe they’re making a difference.

Perhaps they are, but is it a positive difference, or are they adding more fuel to the problem? I can answer that one.

Musicians? Frankly, I have got no joy from being around most of whom I have met in recent years. It’s often been a tedious exercise of throwing out ideas to see what one gets in return. Usually it’s another frisbee full of warmed over waffling. Arf arf.

Music is my lifeline to reality and my marriage to it is still very much intact. As for continuing to be some “financial support system” to strays, count me out. Been there, been burned and been left with another bill to pay.

Meanwhile, here we are in 2021 and caught up in a World Disorder.

It’s no longer only about America and Marvin Gaye asking “What’s Going On”, Curtis Mayfield singing “People Get Ready”, and the movies of Spike Lee.

What we have here today is a failure- globally- to communicate.

So much for that thing called “social media” and how it’s often only been used to cause disruption, divisiveness and, ultimately, depression.

For myself, I have been extremely fortunate to have the creative fires reignited and seeing a way forward where I can actually enjoy the journey.

This happened because of three original songs from very different parts of the world and submitted for the songwriting competition based around my short story.

The results will be announced next week, and the songs that have made the finals are inspiring pieces of work crafted with talent and thought.

One in particular is a song that hasn’t put a smile only on my face, but on those of some well known international music people.

These are individuals who are able to walk the walk and talk the talk with the best of them. They’re not out there shooting blanks and hoping for the best. They already have their home runs on the board.

The work by these three songwriters are examples of how inspiration can create a chain reaction of faith, hope and positivity.

This type of inspiration is not going to happen everyday. When it happens, however, it’s a wonderful thing. It takes you to a positive place in space and time.

It’s a space and place where you can stay forever and drown out the noise and turn your back on the bad news bores.

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