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Chris Ivany "The Young Bucks" - A Canadian Band in Hong Kong

There are no delusions of grandeur. No trying to be legends in their own lunchtime. Just an unpretentious band trying to make the best of The Big Change that has taken place throughout the world and has, pretty much, silenced ‘live’ music. Hopefully, not for long.

Chris Ivany is with Hong Kong based band The Young Bucks. They’re a sextet- five from Canada and The Lonely American. Being teachers and part time musicians help keep the hungry financial wolf at bay.

Though having access to their own studio and finishing up their debut record, not being able to perform ‘live’ and have that give and take from audiences with their brand of what I would describe as being “Cajun Irish Good Time Jugband Rock” is something that’s definitely restrictive. It stops The Young Bucks- and every other artist who grows by interacting with an audience- from stretching out. From engaging.

Still, there’s a sense of positivity in what Chris has to say. It’s understanding that if one wishes to continue with music, there’s then a need to change. Change in order to belong to this “new abnormal”.

Perhaps it’s something that was needed to happen? Perhaps the old ways had run its course?

The Young Bucks- and their brand of good time music- certainly has the potential to move forward.

Just maybe there’s a way of helping them get to wherever they’re going. And to do this in the online world without cutting corners and actually seeing a return on their time and investment.

Stranger things have happened.

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